Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow riding--at long last!

Kevin Novello/Trail Rider Magazine

Back at it! Weather is cold and snow conditions are perfect in Vermont. Yesterday I had the privilege of being a rolling road block for some of the fastest guys in the region, and even got a lesson on surviving snow ruts from three-time NETRA Enduro champ Jim Senecal. The full report is forthcoming in the February issue of +TrailRiderMagazine--thanks to editor Kevin Novello for that awesome photo!

In the mean time, here's some helmetcam footage from a nice solo ride on my home track last weekend. This is actually the first ride I have ever GoPro'd for this blog--I didn't want to let y'all see how slow I am, but what the heck. I'm still keeping some secrets--for example, I cut out the lap where I fell coming up the icy hill and slid all the way back to the bottom...


  1. Riding in the winter must be so fun :) Thanks for posting these cool videos.